Water Leak Locating

Having a water leak can present itself in a number of ways. Sometimes obvious, sometimes not so much. Either way, they can cause significant damage to your property and should be dealt with immediatley. Even is the leak is small at the moment, they can escalate very quickly. If you know how to turn your water off, this would be an important first step.

Have you noticed areas of your property are constantly wet, even after a dry period? Can you hear running water? Does your meter tick over even when all the taps are off? Maybe you’ve noticed a jump in your bills, or perhaps council have sent you a letter advising you to investigate? Whatever it is, we can arrive promptly and on time to investigate the water leak and offer solutions and create a plan of attack.

Whatever your suspicion, we can find the leak quickly and get it repaired or under control in a timely fashion. Leaks can be found in walls, ceilings, voids, underneath concrete driveways, under the lawn, behind cabinetry…anywhere!

We are fully licensed and insured to deal with all manner of water leak situations. They be be quite intrusive works required, such as cutting open walls or jacking up concrete. We can not only complete all necessary repairs but also perform or arrange any remedial works required. Alternatively, we can write clear and concise reports for your insurance to achieve hassle free claims.

Locating and repairing water leaks is a highly skilled job as any other assets in the area must be protected and preserved. Things like gas pipes, telstra lines and sewer pipes are just an example of the things needed to be navigated around in order to get the job done.

Contact us a call today for a quick response to your water leak!