Hot Water System

There’s nothing more annoying than running out of hot water halfway through a shower. Having the correct hot water system will ensure that you don’t run out when you need it most. If you think your system is underperforming or may have developed a problem – we can help to diagnose the issue and offer some solutions.

If you’re planning to install a new system, there’s a few different types you’ll want to consider. Understanding the pros and cons of the different types will help you to decide not only which will be able to cope with your hot water demand, but also which is the most cost effective.

Types of hot water systems

A solar hot water system draws its energy from the sun during the day and transfers that heat into your hot water system. The thermal insulation around the cylinder then helps to store that heat during periods of non use. For example, through the night or during a cloudy day. They usually have an electric heating element as a back up and sometimes a gas booster as well.

Instantaneous gas hot water is exactly how it sounds. They create hot water instantly as soon as you open a hot tap. If sized and installed correctly they will provide enough hot water for most small to medium sized properties.

Electric hot water tanks may be the most popular system. They use an electric heating element to heat the water through the night. If you find that you’re running out of hot water before the end of the day – it’s usually a sign that the tank is too small, unless the system has a fault.

From solar, instantaneous and electric – we can help design, supply and install the best one for you and your budget.

If you would like some more information about sizing your new hot water system, here’s a handy website to give you some pointers. Alternatively we can arrange a site visit and talk through your options based on your intended usage and property. Use our contact page to get in touch!