Rainwater Tanks

Collecting and storing rainwater in rainwater tanks can save you money on your water bills and also help the environment at the same time. There are many reasons why you might want to do this:

Have you been required to install a rainwater tank for your new development?
Is your property off grid and not connected to town water?
Have you been asked by council to allow for an on-site stormwater detention system?
Are you thinking of installing an irrigation system for your garden?
Do you just want some stored water for your veggies?

Whatever the reason, we can help design, supply and install your new rainwater tank and all associated pumps and pipework. This will usually involve running some stormwater pipework from your existing system to the new rainwater tanks. If done correctly you will have a store of clean water to draw from all year round. With a water filter as well you’ll have clean and crisp drinking water ‘on tap’!

Alternatively, perhaps you already have a water tank or off grid system that needs troubleshooting? There could be multiple reasons as to why your system isn’t functioning properly. Blocked stormwater pipes, faulty pumps, clogged up filters, leaks, the list goes one! Call us today for a chat to discuss your problem and arrange a visit to investigate further.

If you rely on your water tanks as your sole source of water, then don’t waste any time. A contaminated water supply or leak can cost a fortune or cause ill health. We can figure out the problem and get things sorted for you promptly and at a competitive price!